We empower greener travel choices, connecting people and places.

We believe we must make more environmentally friendly travel choices – with rail offering a greener alternative to air and car travel.

Rail offers travellers a greener alternative to flying or driving, generating less than 1/20th of the CO2 emissions of air travel and approximately 1/7th of the CO2 emissions compared with car travel, per passenger. It can move millions of people quickly and cleanly, for leisure or business, across countries and continents. We believe we have a key role to play in supporting the rail industry, businesses and governments in meeting their emissions targets by promoting a modal shift and encouraging greater use of rail and coach.

Through our customer-centric, scalable platform, we are committed to driving responsible and sustainable business growth, by:


Making rail travel easier, championing a much greener way to travel


Leveraging scale, data and technology to offer a superior customer experience


Offering our carrier partners global distribution at a lower cost to serve