Giada Scalise, Customer Services Representative, shares how her passion for yoga kick-started her journey to becoming a yoga teacher (and our Edinburgh office’s official yoga instructor!) ? 

How did you get started? 

I practiced yoga for a few years before I decided to attend a foundation course to dive deeper into yoga philosophy and postures. After I completed that, I decided to quit my office job and go to India to become a yoga teacher! At the beginning I started to teach while I was travelling through Central America for 9 months, and once back in Edinburgh I started to teach here as well. 

Where did the idea come from?  

During my own yoga journey, I soon realised that I had to share my passion with other people and that everyone had to give it a try to understand that amazing post-practice feeling! 

What was the main challenge?  

At the beginning I was quite self-conscious, and I felt a bit embarrassed to talk in front of lots of people. But that didn’t last long! When I started to realise how happy people were after class, I stopped worrying about myself. 

Do you have any advice to share with others who would like to do the same? 

I think whoever has a bit of interest in yoga should give it a go! It can literally change your life! ? Then find a good teacher that can help you through your journey. 

Thanks to Giada for sharing her story! Find out more about Giada’s business, Yoga Uprising through her Instagram account: @yoga_uprising.  ?