Luca Colapinto, CRM Campaign Manager based in our Milan office, and has a passion for photography.

How did you get started? 

I’ve been a photographer since I was 16. At that time, I was taking pictures with an old camera my father bought me and I was amazed. Then the technology improved and my curiosity for this world grew as I decided to buy my first camera at the age of 20. 

Where did the idea come from?   

I think the inspiration came from my father; I remember him always bringing his camera during our family travels and I was impressed by how he captured the moments shared together. 

Then, I realised photography was something more for me, my own way to tell something, my personal artistic expression. I started to take architectural/minimal pictures, something very fun because I was travelling around the globe to find new places. 

After years of photography, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with the Juventus football club a few years ago, and, even if I’m not a Juventus supporter, it was exciting to be recognised as a talent. 

Now I take care of my personal Unsplash* profile ( where my pictures can reach thousands of downloads every month! ? 

*Unsplash is the biggest platform in the world to download pictures for free. 

What was the main challenge?   

I think there were 2 main challenges: 

  1. Developing a "creative identity". This means being original without copying your inspirers.    
  2. Studying and learning. It’s always the most challenging part! It took me years to have proper knowledge of photography, to learn which camera best suited my needs, which lens to use and in which circumstance, or how to use postproduction tools properly. 

Do you have any advice to share with others who would like to do the same?  

Always be curious! It's not always easy, but if you have a passion, whatever it is, it's always worth it. For example, in the last few months I have been working hard on another passion which is 3D modelling ( I have many projects in mind, but this might be another story. ?   

Thanks to Luca for sharing your story! ?