Lots of people around the world celebrate the lead up to Christmas with an Advent Calendar but did you know there’s a special one for Tech enthusiasts called ‘Advent of Code’? 

Here’s Dave Storey, Senior Principal Engineer, to tell us more: 

“Advent of Code is essentially an advent calendar of coding puzzles. Every day a new puzzle is revealed, and the idea is the quicker you solve the puzzles, the more points you get. They get harder as the event goes on, so day 1 is easiest, day 25 is …. solid to say the least! ?” 

“We already have an initiative within Trainline called “Culture of Craft” and this committee of people run sessions that encourage people to share their knowledge and keep building that engineering muscle to become even better engineers.” 

“Whilst the actual Advent of Code is an external event, this year our #Culture-of-craft committee added a competitive spin, because we love to get a bit competitive at Trainline right?!  We launched a leaderboard with prizes up for grabs, and ran internal sessions where people could share ideas, share their solutions, or just chat about things and basically provide a way of growing the engineering culture ?.” 

“In total, 59 Trainliners (including some who weren’t engineers!) took part in our internal competition which is an awesome achievement!” 

A big shout-out to our 3 winners: 

  • 1st place: @Zena Hira  
  • 2nd place: @Mina Bastawros  
  • 3rd place: @David Kimber  

Congrats to Zena, Mina and David and well done to everyone who took part! ? 

Special thanks to Matthew Hasler for his efforts in running the sessions and to all the Culture of Craft team that helped to organise!