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  • Almost 2 millioni people have engaged with Trainline’s Price Prediction AI in just seven months, resulting in a total savings of over £8m
  • Trainline’s app feature uses billions of data points to provide the UK’s first train ticket price prediction tool

London, UK, 10 May 2018 – Artificial Intelligence is helping UK rail travellers save millions according to Trainline, Europe’s leading independent rail and coach platform, as it reveals its AI-led Price Prediction feature has helped its customers save £8,822,510 since launching seven months ago.

Trainline’s AI is encouraging customers to book early, showing them how long they have to buy before ticket prices increase, with nearly two million travellers already engaging with the tool since launch. Travellers from London have been most receptive to the app’s AI, collectively saving almost £2 million on their journeys, more than any other region, followed by those travelling from the Midlands and Yorkshire.

The tool, available on Trainline’s App, analyses billions of data points on journeys across the UK to give customers an at-a-glance snapshot of all available opportunities to save money when buying Advance tickets. It indicates when a ticket will be the best value, helping travellers identify the best time to book. Customers have embraced the data powered tool, saving them millions on their journeys.

Savings data by locationii

County Savings
Greater London £1,973,639.12
West Midlands £701,416.84
West Yorkshire £468,903.82
North Yorkshire £348,060.17
South Yorkshire £341,988.16
Merseyside £312,654.00
Tyne and Wear £214,798.77
Nottingham £192,681.76
City of Edinburgh £178,266.91
Cambridge £166,744.91


Trainline’s Data Science team has been expanding over the past 12 months, exploring, experimenting and creating new ways to help our customers save valuable time and money. It’s great to know how these innovations have been welcomed by travellers. The total saving of nearly £9 million shows our customers are embracing AI-led features to enhance their travel experience.

Fergus Weldon
Head of Data Science at Trainline

Price Prediction is just one of the recent innovations built by Trainline. Trainline’s App aims to give customers control and value to every aspect of their journey. This includes mobile ticketing to help customers avoid queuing at stations and live updates on platform changes or train times whilst they are on their journeys. Alongside this, BusyBot, an in-App assistant, uses crowdsourced data to identify the quietest parts of the train and help customers find a seat. Last year, Trainline launched a voice app with Google Assistant, for customers to use on the go - bringing the UK’s most advanced rail voice AI to travellers across the country.

Trainline’s App, featuring Price Prediction, is available to download on iOS and Android.


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ii Regional figures available on request