17 January 2024 at 12:22 (GMT) Download PDF

Today’s announcement by the European Commission is a major win for rail passengers. By establishing a new precedent regarding parity of access for third party ticket distributors in Europe, the European Commission's commitment to creating a level playing field is clear. Access to the same data, fares, features, and content as offered by the train companies will put greater choice, innovation and value into the hands of the customer. To realise their full potential, independent ticketing providers also need fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory remuneration from all rail operators. We look forward to working with Renfe to ensure these benefits are realised for passengers as soon as possible.

This is a clear and categoric win for Spanish and European rail customers. This decisive action from the European Commission sets an important precedent for rail across Europe. It represents the latest in welcome moves by competition authorities across the continent to drive competition into this market. It is a good day for both rail passengers and sustainable travel.

Jody Ford, CEO of Trainline