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Trainline has partnered with sustainable fashion brand RÆBURN to design a limited edition track-suit, inspired by train-seat patterns

Research shows that nine out of ten (90%) 18-30-year-olds say they would be proud to switch to train travel

The track-suit invites travellers to show off their pride in choosing train over other, less sustainable travel options

The limited run of track-suits is available to purchase now, with all proceeds donated to WWF: shop.wwf.org.uk/chamberlain

Trainline has partnered with RÆBURN to create a bespoke track-suit inspired by the prints found on train seats across the UK. The track-suits have been launched by dancer, presenter and content creator Perri Kiely who was the first to wear the design.

Research by Trainline reveals that two-thirds (68%) of 18–24-year-olds believe that being seen to follow a sustainable lifestyle is a ‘badge of honour’. In response to this, the track-suit has been designed to give travellers a way to demonstrate their pride in choosing to travel by train, which creates 70% less CO2 on average compared to travelling by car.

As a founder of a brand empowering sustainable choices, British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn is known for reworking surplus fabrics to create his designs. For this collaboration, Raeburn created a bespoke moquette, taking inspiration from the bold graphic patterns seen on train seats across the UK.

The limited run of track-suits has been made using ‘deadstock’ material, and have been created and produced to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Nine out of ten (90%) 18-30-year-olds say they would be proud to switch to train travel, leading half (49%) to switch to travelling by train instead of another mode of transport – for example plane or car - at least once in the last 12 months.

The bespoke track-suit, created by Raeburn and Trainline provides a creative way for Gen Z to showcase their eco-credentials.

Trainline has chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds from this partnership to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). When purchasing a track-suit, customers will also receive a promotional code (of the same value as the track-suit) entitling them to a free digital railcard (up to three-year - RRP £70) to help them to continue to make more sustainable travel choices.

Because switching to train is one of the single best things you can do to lower your carbon footprint, Trainline is encouraging travellers to take a pledge to swap just one plane or car journey to train travel this year.


Every decision we make as a business is underpinned by the 3 Rs; RÆMADE, RÆDUCED, and RÆCYCLED. Trainline’s campaign aligns with every aspect of this and we hope our responsibly made, rail-inspired tracksuits encourage more people to make better choices for the environment.

Christopher Raeburn, sustainable fashion designer and Creative Director at RÆBURN

Wherever I can, I aim to make small changes that will have a positive impact on the world around us. I’ve loved working with Trainline on this campaign to encourage others to do the same, whether that’s choosing to travel by train or making more sustainable fashion choices.

Perri Kiely, Diversity dance member and radio presenter

Trainline surveyed 2,500 adults across the UK and found that Gen Z are particularly motivated to tackle the climate crisis. Three out of five (57%) 18-30-year-olds admit they feel guilty about their negative impact on the environment, leading two-thirds (66%) to say they have changed their lifestyle to reduce their carbon footprint in the past year alone.

Find out more at Icamebytrain.com, where you are invited to pledge to swap one journey to rail.

The track-suits are available to purchase via WWF here: shop.wwf.org.uk/icamebytrain


Notes to editors:

Trainline commissioned OnePoll to survey 2,000 adults across the UK between 07.09.22 – 09.09.22. Respondents were asked to recall their habits from 10 years ago.  

Trainline’s Pride in Rail Report surveyed 2,500 adults across the UK between 04.04.22 – 21.04.22.

Taking the train instead of driving creates 70% less CO2e:

Calculations are based on CO2 / passenger km, comparing an average petrol car, using statistics and conversion factors published in the government’s greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors published 2 June 2021 and revised in January 2022. See here for more

UK: Trains emit 7 x less CO2 than planes:

Calculations are based on CO2 / passenger km using statistics and conversion factors published in the government’s greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors published 2 June 2021 and revised in January 2022. See here for more

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Alongside this, a highly collaborative spirit informs luxurious, handcrafted and award-winning products with integrity and purpose. This innovative approach, with an unusual balance of high concept, accessibility and wearability, is applied to menswear, womenswear, luggage and accessories.

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