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  • Trainline gives Etalab access to data for 30,000 stops, stations and cities

Paris, France, 20 November 2018 – Trainline, Europe’s leading train and coach app, has reaffirmed its commitment to open data by sharing its own data with Etalab, the French government’s office in charge of open data and open government. The information shared on Etalab’s transport portal will enable other travel technology companies to innovate and improve their services for travelers.

Each operator has a unique proposition, language and way of aggregating data. To make data both accessible and useful, Trainline worked to standardise information belonging to several different train and coach operators across 44 countries.  The goal for this standardisation was to create something that could be used by all travel stakeholders.

The work was not limited to simply collecting data into one place. Trainline painstakingly repaired, cleaned, adjusted and even rebuilt data where it was damaged or inconsistent. Further, a common language was created, covering everything from names of train stations to geographic locations.

Trainline is now able to able to share crucial data relating to around 30,000 stops, stations and cities served by transport operators across Europe.

A leader in access to open data, Trainline has previously uploaded this information to developer hosting platform, GitHub, in March 2015.  Access to the data on the Etalab transport portal will make it possible for all travel stakeholders to easily access and use the information they need to continue to innovate.

We share and support the government’s belief in open data.  The travel services of tomorrow need open data to operate, innovate and grow.  If other stakeholders follow suit, together we can build data-sets - and ultimately new features - that will come to benefit all travelers.

Carl Anderson
Directeur Général of Trainline International.

To view the data itself, please see: https://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/datasets/trainline-libere-les-gares- europeennes/


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