18 May 2022 at 09:00 (GMT) Download PDF

  • New sTicket technology allows commuters to buy and use digital Season tickets instantly on their phone, providing a convenient alternative to traditional paper tickets 
  • Following a successful trial, Trainline will be working with train operators to expand the new technology onto multiple routes in the coming months

LONDON, 18 May 2022: Trainline, the leading independent rail and coach platform, has announced its new sTicket product which provides the rail industry with a secure solution for barcode Season tickets for the first time. Following a successful customer trial, the technology can now be rolled out  across the UK.

sTicket works by issuing a series of time-limited, single-journey barcodes that regularly refresh from a central server. It prevents them from being copied or transferred between devices, which avoids the long-standing concern that high-value barcode Season tickets could be targeted to defraud the rail industry.

For customers, this means sTicket offers an easy and immediate way to buy a Season ticket and deliver it to their phone. It can be fulfilled immediately before travel, with no need to queue to collect the ticket, and no need to carry a separate physical card. Even though barcode ticketing is currently only available for daily tickets, it has proven very popular with customers with over 40% of National Rail revenue now fulfilled by barcode technology – more than any other fulfilment type.

We wanted to reduce the friction for Season ticket holders by eliminating any waiting time – adapting barcode technology was the obvious route and now Season tickets can be delivered to your phone immediately, ready to use right away. Making the commuter experience as seamless as possible is key to encouraging more people to choose train over other more polluting modes of transport.

Steve Gooder
Product Director, Trainline

Trainline will support rail operators to offer sTicket themselves through their own retailing platforms, as well as making this new ticket option available to Trainline customers. With a number of rail operators based on Platform One, the technology that powers their ticket retailing and is provided by Trainline Partner Solutions, they will be able to benefit from sTicket being rolled out across that platform. Trainline will also provide technical assistance to other retailers and TIS providers to help them build and launch sTicket solutions on their own platforms, ensuring the technology can be available across the industry.

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