Flora Venuat, Paris Administrative Assistant and mum of 4, shares her experience of finding a balance between her professional and family roles.  

Tell us more about you and your family 

I’ve been working at Trainline since September 2021 as an Administrative Assistant in the Paris office. I’m 36 years old and live in the suburb of Paris (not far from Disneyland!). I have been happily married for nearly 8 years and together we are raising 4 children: 3 girls (who are 7, 3 and 1) and a boy (who is 5). I come from a large family, so it wasn’t a big surprise for us to have 4 children! 

How do you explain to smaller children why you have to spend time away at work?  

They actually ask me every morning if I have to go to Paris to work or not. I tell them that like a superhero I have to go to work to help my colleagues. I say that it’s like them being at school... it’s important for me to work to learn more, and I want to be useful.  

What’s the main challenge when being a working parent?  

Oh Boy! The mental load - we have to think about everything - prepare the kids, help them with their homework, handle medical appointments, sports, cooking dinner and so much more! 

And in parallel we need to be productive at work. The main challenge is to be able to anticipate and organise yourself to make the week run smoothly – your brain never stops! The hardest part is finding a good work-life balance. 

Does raising kids teach you any skills that you can use in the workplace?  

Of course! When you have 4 kids, you HAVE to be organised and I use this skill in my daily job. It also helps me to know how to prioritise and multi-task. Like at home, you do seventeen things at the same time. Of course, when it’s too much, it’s good to ask for help. 

Do you have any advice to share with other parents at Trainline who are seeking balance?  

Do as YOU can, there is no PERFECT parent! We all do our best; we just have to accept that we can't control everything. Never compare yourself to others, share your time, and do every part to the best of your ability with all your willingness and heart.  

And one last one... share the tasks with your partner if you can. Half-half! ?